Benn Clatworthy is an esteemed musician and music educator who works with saxophone students of all ages and levels. Having studied extensively with his mentor Phil Sobel, Benn’s approach to teaching is based on the Lindeman Method. He teaches privately out of his Long Beach, CA studio and is currently accepting new students. With over 30 years of experience, Benn has taught clinics and workshops internationally. Subjects he covers include music theory, a detailed analysis of embouchure, breathing, tone, production, tonguing, phrasing and articulation. To book a lesson or inquire about fees, please call 562-322-2594.



"Benn Clatworthy has worked as a Guest Artist, Clinician, Private Instructor, and has led rehearsals of combos and the Jazz Lab Ensemble at Saddleback College.  He is an inspiring presence and communicates honestly and directly.  His excellence and intensity as a passionate improvising musician has been a wonderful motivation for our students."

Joey Sellers

Gil Evans Fellowship in Jazz Composition, Julias Hemphill Award, Sammy Nestico Award) Director, Jazz Studies Saddleback College



“To Whom It May Concern: 

Please accept this letter of reference for jazz saxophonist and educator, Benn Clatworthy. I had the privilege of working with Mr. Clatworthy this past summer during the inaugural Quincy Jones Jazz Camp which took place at the New Roads School in Santa Monica, CA from August 5-9. From this experience, I feel confident in evaluating the quality of his skill as an educator, ensemble coach and performer. 

Among Benn’s duties with the camp were coaching a combo, conducting daily saxophone masterclasses, individual instruction and performing with a faculty ensemble. In each of these roles he was magnificent. I was most impressed with his ability to draw from his vast experiential knowledge as a performer and incorporate those ideas into his teaching, thereby exposing his students to the highest of standards and expectations. As an ensemble coach, he was patient yet firm and prepared his students well for their culmination performance. Under his tutelage, the skills of each saxophonist noticeably improved within a few days of receiving lessons. Lastly, he inspired students at the camp with his phenomenal skill as a performer, adding an extra boost of excitement to the end of each day. 

I strongly recommend that Mr. Clatworthy be considered for any teaching position as he is an extraordinary artist/educator. Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions or need for further clarification.” 

Ray Briggs, Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Jazz Studies
Associate Professor of Music
California State University, Long Beach 



"Benn is an extraordinarily gifted musician who enjoys a successful career as a performer, composer and educator. I have known Benn for over 30 years and have witnessed first hand his dedication to the art of music. His professionalism, as well as his personality, are genuine with no pretense. He is a pure artist.

Benn is also mature and personable, with an even disposition. He is a highly organized and disciplined individual and is able to balance his technical discipline with creative freedom, providing a wonderful example for his contemporaries to follow. Benn is a very positive educator.

His enthusiasm and passion about the joy of acquiring and sharing knowledge is infectious. He offers clear explanations to questions from students and can clearly explain vital concepts in accessible terms. Additionally, Benn’s proactive teaching approach frequently goes beyond the formal content to make the material more relevant and applicable to each student. His enthusiasm and positive demeanor are infectious to all those around him.

People enjoy being around Benn. His personality is open and friendly. It is always interesting to converse with him about a myriad of subjects and fascinating to observe him talking with students. He really enjoys being involved with “passing the torch” of knowledge.

Benn Clatworthy offers exceptional talent and experience. He has been a positive example of a musician and educator and I am delighted to offer my strongest recommendation on his behalf."


Dave Pozzi

Dean of Faculty and Students Los Angeles College of Music (LACM)



"I am very happy to recommend Benn Clatworthy  to anyone who is serious about improving and advancing his/her playing in terms of tone, control, soloing and music theory.

In my first several months with Benn, the focus was on tone, and then ii-v-i licks.  Benn's style of teaching is simple, strict, and meant to progress in an organized way.   I try to practice and memorize the assignments he gives me each week.  Through these lessons I've gained a deeper understanding of music theory and my playing has improved a lot because I adopt his suggestions into my own playing, giving my music richer expression than I had before I started learning from Benn. Fellow  musicians tell me how much my playing has advanced, and the audience also shows their enthusiasm in applause and comments.

One of the many aspects about Benn's lessons I like is he lets me know immediately if I am not playing right.  He can tell if I didn't practice well during the week and he never accepts "it's ok."  He wants the material given to be learned and practiced well since that is the point of taking lessons.

I am fortunate to have found Benn and to be taking lessons with him.  I have taken lessons from a few different teachers and they were all good teachers and players but I have improved the most through Benn's methodology and philosophy of teaching, and his strict attention to detail.  No assignment is a waste or unrelated to the assignment before it.  There is no "madness" to his method; he knows what he is doing and why.  I am very pleased with the results.

I will continue to take lessons from Benn and I highly recommend him to serious students."

Ruri Matthews



"Ben Clatworthy is an excellent musician and saxophone instructor. He trained our son, Kenneth Dixon, for less than a year and increased his playing ability from beginner to intermediate in just a few months. He instills good musicianship skills and believes in hard work and practicing daily. Because of Benn's training and mentoring our son won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, the outstanding soloist award and a college music scholarship. We highly recommend Benn Clatworthy to anyone seeking saxophone lessons."

Kenneth and Deborah Dixon



"As a student of Benn Clatworthy, I have been driven and motivated to become more accomplished at both music and life.  He has inspired me to learn music theory, improvisation, and to work towards developing my skills with several additional instruments.  Benn has shown me that the most fulfilling accomplishments in life come from a combination of passion and hard work.  For the past three and a half years that it’s been my pleasure to be his student, Benn has taught me the immeasurable value of having a passionate mentor who, I believe, makes me a better musician and person."

Will Moon



"I have studied with Benn for four years now, and I can honestly say my experience has been transformative and meaningful. Benn teaches you how to create a lovely, sumptuous sound out of the saxophone. There were many a time when Benn stayed with me past the official lesson time to ensure that I was completing my task of playing beautifully. He focuses on helping you to find the core of your sound and uses classical pieces to help you approach this goal. Moreover, Benn teaches other rudiments that are necessary to be a great musician, such as time feel and playing in tune. Lastly, Benn teaches jazz improvisation by giving you a sound theoretical foundation to create your own ideas without depending on licks and patterns."

Sumeet Khushalani


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